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Business & Innovation Center

GateHub is a leading company specializing in China. Strategic partner of Tencent Cloud and WeChat Pay.


Official Partner

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Our Services

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Smart Tourist Services

MiniProgram that offers Chinese tourists guidance in the country of their destination.

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Business Localization

Soft landing in China by our Cloud & Payment services in the Tencent Cloud ecosystem and WeChat Pay.

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Cross Border eCommerce

Unique cooperation between Tencent and GateHub Launched a cross-border one-stop-shop by Tencent platform.

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Tencent Cloud Services

Tencent's vast ecosystem of products will help you make a competitive edge.

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WeChat Pay Services

Facilitating the WeChat Cross Border Payment services in selected Countries at EMEA.

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China Connect

GateHub & Tencent Cloud is your choice of partner to connect with China.


Strategic Partners

Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud is one of the leading cloud solution providers worldwide. It holds complete ecosystem services, including Smart Banking, Security, Smart City managing, Smart Buildings, eCommerce, Smart Retail, Medical Solutions, and More. GateHub operates globally to implement Tencent cloud services, Leveraging Tencent's vast ecosystem of key products across various verticals.

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WeChat Pay

GateHub facilitated the launch of WeChat Cross Border Payment in Israel as in EMEA. for Chinese residing in relevant countries and Chinese visitors at the destination countries Developing to each country a WeChat-based MiniProgram and eCommerce platform.


About GateHub

We're all about Business Innovation

GateHub China-Israel Business and Innovation Center is a reputable China-Israel enterprise focused on initiating, promoting, and facilitating economic, business, and technological ties between leading Chinese and Israeli companies, organizations, governmental offices, and academia.  GateHub works closely with Israel's Innovation Ecosystem and its officials on various innovation-related issues, China-Israel bilateral agreements, collaboration programs, facilitating partnerships, and cooperation between Chinese enterprises and Israel.


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Technology Cooperation

Israel has been long named the Startup-Nation and the origin of some of the world's most renowned technologies. The GATEHUB CHINA-ISRAEL BUSINESS AND INNOVATION CENTER enables a soft landing to 'doing business in Israel' through curated value-add services for its members and focuses on mapping out Israel's landscape and leading the way to relevant, innovative technologies and industry players. 

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