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Tencent Product List

Explore our growing directory of integrated Tencent Cloud products and services.



Cloud Virtual Machine

A secure, stable, and highly flexible computing service

GPU Cloud Computing

A high-density computing server with graphics processing capabilities

CVM Dedicated Host

A physically isolated computing service with exclusive resources

Auto Scaling

An efficient and cost-effective computing resource management policy

Batch Compute

An efficient and cost-effective computing resource management policy


Tencent Kubernetes Engine

A scalable and high-performing container management service

Elastic Kubernetes Service

A secure, elastic, and cost-effective serverless Kubernetes service

Tencent Container Registry

A secure and dedicated container image distribution service

Microservice and Serverless


Tencent Cloud Elastic Microservice

A secure, reliable, and highly elastic serverless microservice platform


Serverless Cloud Function

A secure and efficient serverless function computing platform

Serverless Application Center

One-stop serverless application development service


Essential Storage Service


Cloud Object Storage

A highly available, reliable, and scalable object storage service

Cloud File Storage

A secure and scalable file sharing and storage solution

Cloud Block Storage

A stable, scalable, and persistent block storage service

Data Process and Analysis

Cloud Log Service

A one-stop logging solution for log collection, search, and analysis

Cloud Infinite

Efficient and intelligent image recognition and processing service

Data Migration

Migration Service Platform

A service platform enabling quick and convenient system migration


Relational Database

TencentDB for MySQL

A high-performance, reliable, and flexible database hosting service

TencentDB for MariaDB

A community-driven open source database

TencentDB for PostgreSQL

An open-source database supporting geospatial data processing

TencentDB for SQL Server

A genuinely licensed SQL Server database in the cloud

Enterprise Distributed DBMS


A high-performance database featuring automated sharding

TDSQL-A for PostgreSQL

An online real-time data warehouse service featuring high performance, scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness

Cloud-Native Database TDSQL-C

A cloud-native database with high performance, storage capacity, and compatibility

NoSQL Database

TencentDB for Redis

A high-performance, low-latency and scalable Redis database

TencentDB for MongoDB

A high-performance distributed MongoDB database

TencentDB for TcaplusDB

A high-performance distributed NoSQL data storage service

TencentDB for Tendis

A Redis-compatible elastic KV storage service

TencentDB for CTSDB

A powerful, distributed, and scalable time-series database in the cloud

TencentDB for Graph Database

A one-stop database service for storage, computation, and visual analysis of massive amounts of graph data

Database SaaS Tool

Data Transmission Service

A seamless data transfer and migration service with no downtime

TencentDB for DBbrain

A cloud database autonomous service for database performance optimization

Database Expert Service

Professional and efficient database service

Networking & CDN


Virtual Private Cloud

An isolated and secure virtual private network in Tencent Cloud

Cloud Load Balancer

A secure, stable, and elastically scalable traffic distribution service

Direct Connect

A dedicated network with low latency for optical fiber communications

Cloud Connect Network

A fast and easy service to interconnect resources on and off the cloud

Elastic Network Interface

A multi-ENI hot-swap service for CVM

NAT Gateway

High bandwidth and high availability gateway service supporting SNAT

Peering Connection

A cross-regional network connection service for data synchronization

Flow Logs

A full-time, full-process, and non-intrusive traffic collection service

Anycast Internet Acceleration

An IP Anycast service that optimizes Internet access

Bandwidth Package

A multi-IP aggregated billing method that reduces Internet access costs

VPN Connection

An easy to build network-based IPsec-encrypted tunneling service

CDN and Acceleration

Content Delivery Network

A fast, stable, intelligent, and secure content delivery service

Enterprise Content Delivery Network

A one-stop acceleration service for dynamic and hybrid resources.

Global Application Acceleration Platform

A high-speed network connection service for application acceleration.

Global Office Access

Quick and secure access to organizational resources from any network

Secure Content Delivery Network

A content delivery network integrated with multiple security protection capabilities


Network Security

Anti-DDoS Advanced

A protection solution against high-traffic DDoS attacks for services in and outside the cloud

Anti-DDoS Pro

Convenient anti-DDoS service for cloud-based businesses

Endpoint Security

Cloud Workload Protection

A security service featuring intrusion detection and vulnerability alerts

Application Security

Web Application Firewall

A one-stop intelligent security protection platform for website services

Mobile Security

A stable and effective mobile application security service

Anti-Cheat Expert

A professional mobile game security solution empowering Tencent games

Security Management

Security Operations Center

Tencent Cloud's native security management platform

Data Security

Key Management Service

A secure, easy-to-use key management service for encrypted data

Secrets Manager

A simple, stable, and secure credential management service

Enterprise Applications

Domains & Websites

SSL Certificate Service

A one-stop digital certificate management service

Private DNS

A secure, stable, and efficient private DNS service


Provides fast, stable, and highly available DNS services

Enterprise Applications

Tencent Cloud Conference

A digital and paperless online conference assistant

Office Collaboration

Tencent VooV Meeting

Tencent VooV Meeting enables online collaborations.

Big Data

Big Data Platform

Elastic MapReduce

A secure and flexible cloud-hosted Hadoop service

Elasticsearch Service

A ready-to-use cloud-based Elasticsearch service

Artificial Intelligence 

Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Accurate and real-time facial detection, analysis, recognition, and search services


A leading and secure face authentication service

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition

A precise, fast and versatile image and text recognition service

Image Recognition

Analysis Platform for Pneumonia CT Image

A chest CT image analysis and research platform

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

IoT Hub

A cloud solution that helps developers quickly build IoT applications

Middleware & Communication


Cloud Message Queue

A high-performance and scalable distributed message queue service

Message Queue CKafka

A high-performance and reliable Kafka-compatible messaging system

API Gateway

A full lifecycle management API hosting service


Instant Messaging

A communication service supporting hundreds of millions of users

Short Message Service

A fast, stable, and easy-to-use messaging service with global reachability

Tencent Push Notification Service

A reliable and fast push notification service with a high delivery rate

Simple Email Service

A secure, stable, and simple email push service

Video Services

Video Services

Tencent Real-Time Communication

A communications solution offering high-quality audio/video calls across platforms

Cloud Streaming Services

A fast, stable, and professional cloud-based live streaming services

Video on Demand

A one-stop media transcoding and distribution platform

Media Processing Service

A professional and versatile multimedia processing service

Mobile Live Video Broadcasting

A quick integration solution to push and pull live streams on mobile devices

User Generated Short Video SDK

Create short video mobile applications easily

Stream Service


A broadcast-grade live video streaming service


A stable, secure, and effective media packaging service


A fast and reliable real-time video transport service for global users

Game Services

Game Services

Game Multimedia Engine

A one-stop gaming voice solution that is easy to integrate

Game Server Elastic-scaling

A cross-platform dedicated game server hosting service

Game Player Matchmaking

A powerful game player matchmaking service

Game Video Service

Game Video Transcoder

Flexible and easy-to-use video transcoding and compression service

Game Video Processor

A human visual standard-based game video processing platform

Game Video Analyzer

A smart video content analysis system for content categorization and highlights generation

Industry Applications

Education Services

iHearing Oral Evaluation

Supports oral English and Chinese evaluation with great adaption to the pronunciation characteristics in the Asia Pacific

Building Services

Tencent Instavue Smart Video Analysis System

Integrates IoT technology and AI smart vision capabilities to help accurately tap into the value of massive videos

Developer Services

Cloud Resource Management

TencentCloud API

Access Tencent Cloud resources quickly via APIs

Tencent Cloud Command Line Interface

Quickly call TencentCloud APIs to manage your cloud resources

Tencent Cloud Infrastructure as Code (TIC)

An efficient and secure infrastructure management platform

Tencent Smart Advisor

An out-of-the-box cloud resource risk assessment service

T-Sec WeTest Game Quality Monitoring

Comprehensive quality management

Management and Audit Tools

Cloud Access Management

A convenient and secure permission and user management service


A logging and tracking service for Tencent Cloud resource operations

Tencent Cloud Organization

Permission-based multi-account management service

Developer Tools

CODING Code Repositories

A secure, fast, and convenient Git/SVN code repository service

CODING Project Management

A PM tool and service for agile and fast iteration

CODING Test Management

An agile testing method for better test-R&D collaboration

CODING Continuous Integration

A cloud-based code build service for Java, Python, and more

CODING Artifact Repositories

An efficient management service for artifacts after code compilation

CODING Continuous Deployment

A continuous, controllable, and automated deployment of artifacts

Monitor and Operation

Cloud Monitor

A cloud resource data monitoring platform for intelligent data analysis

Networkng & CDN
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