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A Chinese Tourist Online Solution.

​"Discover Global" is a complete Smart Tourism Mini-Program on WeChat developed by Tencent & Gatehub.


Million Chinese Tourists


Trillion CNY Spent


Chinese Visitors
in Europe


Trillion WeChat Users

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WeChat Mini-Program


"Discover Global" is a Smart Tourism Mini-Program developed by Tencent & Gatehub on the WeChat ecosystem. The app is dedicated to Chinese travelers, providing them with ticketing, e-coupon, transportation, and geo-targeting functions. The Points of interest help brands increase their visibilities and generate revenue.

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Tourist Safety

Tax Refunds

Real-Time Translation

Visa Online

Health/Covid Alerts


Hotels & Accommodation

Attraction & Guides

Airline Tickets

Telecom Services

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Branded Campaign
Interactive Activities


Online Shopping Experience
Preorder & Pickup
Scan & Buy

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Online Services

Shopping Helper
Instant Customer Services

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Online Navigation & Trip Planning

Through the Mini-Program, tourist sights, shops, bars & restaurants can utilize audio information and location-based services.

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WeChat Pay Services

Discover Global Using WeChat’s ecosystem help serve the millions of Chinese who travel abroad each year. Launching WeChat Pay activity in given countries and infrastructure deployment gives the Chinese tourist to learn, buy a pay, and share it in China. No currency exchange is needed for buyer and seller fees.

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WeChat Travel Experience

Discover Global brings the advanced ecosystem using the Tencent Cloud & WeChat Pay feature to a one-stop travel experience, giving the Chinese tourist a safe and easy ecosystem to manage his discovering opportunity independently.

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WeChat eCommerce

Online - Marketing, Brand Awareness, Coupons, Red envelops campaign; Discover Global brings eCommerce channel to all merchants to push the options of ordering online / Order & Pick. Discover Global drives online marketing and brings Chinese clients who are looking for foreign products.

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